Fast foods perception among adolescents by gender and weight status

Authors: Allehdan S.S., Tayyem R.F., Bawadi H.A., Al-Awwad N.J., Al-Mannai M., Musaiger A.O.
Background: Fast food restaurants have become widespread in both developed and developing countries due to nutritional and economic transitions. The frequency of fast food intake is relatively high among adolescents; however, fast food consumption is positively associated with total energy intake and obesity in adolescents. Objective: This study aimed to [...]

Brief review – Emerging cardiac biomarkers as screening tool for atherosclerosis

Authors: Ahmed S., Alawi F.S., Abbas M., Anwar N.
Apart from the use of cardiac biomarker for diagnosing and monitoring Acute ischemic disease, an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and Heart failure, the same biomarkers can also be used for predicting the chances of suffering from these diseases in future. In a way these can be used as screening biomarkers. [...]

In silico CD4+, CD8+ T-cell and B-cell immunity associated immunogenic epitope prediction and HLA distribution analysis of Zika virus

Authors: Janahi E.M., Dhasmana A., Srivastava V., Sarangi A.N., Raza S., Arif J.M., Bhatt M.L.B., Lohani M., Areeshi M.Y., Saxena A.M., Haque S.
Zika virus (ZIKV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus distributed all over Africa, South America and Asia. The infection with the virus may cause acute febrile sickness that clinically resembles dengue fever, yet there is no vaccine, no satisfactory treatment, and no means of evaluating the risk of the disease or prognosis [...]


801, 2020

University of Bahrain Environment and Sustainable Development PhD Program

The University of Bahrain’s PhD program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) focuses on environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The program equips students with the knowledge and perspectives needed to answer important questions about diverse environmental problems. Nearly all colleges at the University of [...]
801, 2020

University of Bahrain Environment and Sustainable Development M.Sc. Programs

The University of Bahrain and the Prince’s Foundation (UK) jointly offer a Master’s program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD). The Prince’s Foundation is one of the international establishments specialized in design, planning and urban development that contributes to postgraduate studies in sustainable urbanism in partnership with universities in the [...]
801, 2020

University of Bahrain Postgraduate Course in Nutrition and Dietetics

The University of Bahrain offer an M.Sc. course in Nutrition and Dietetics which is an inter-disciplinary program. It involves faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, as well as specialists from health institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The course provides a postgraduate level proficiency in nutrition and [...]

SDG 3 Events

Autism Speaks

Autism causes and Treatments At the College of Health Sciences, we realize the importance of the role of the health sector in engaging all segments of society with their various diseases and disorders, and we realize how people with different needs expect the best levels of care and attention. Hence; [...]

List of Students with Disabilities at Nursing Department

Supporting students with mental problems List of students with mental problems are known case of mental problems and been supported and followed up by the Nursing Department at the College of Health and Sport Sciences through the academic advisors and the appointed college counselor. The Deanship of students was kept [...]

1st Forum for Nursing & Midwifery

The importance of the Nurse and midwife profession With the presence of HE Dr. Majed AlNoaimi, the Minister of Education, UOB ran a forum for nursing and midwifery showing the importance of nursing profession. The forum was held under the slogan “Nursing is a Leading Voice to Ensure Health for [...]


Smoke-Free Policy

This policy establishes rules that govern all forms of smoking within the University premises. Purpose The Kingdom of Bahrain had passed several laws and decrees over the years (from 1994, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2011, 2012 and 2013) that specifically ban, control and penalize the consumption and distribution of tobacco-based products [...]