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Our Impact

Total number of students received fees exemption (sponsorship) by UOB including government entities: 6,245

Total amount of fees exemption BD: 1,215,508

Number of Startups/ local business assisted: 12 Startups (mentorship, training and consultancy)

Number of mentors from industry: 10 Mentors

Number of workshops and trainings provided to start ups: 25

Number of food waste programs: 5

Number of agriculture programs: 2

Number of graduates from aquaculture courses including sustainability aspects: 47 graduates

Number of health-related programs: 4 Undergraduate Degrees

Number of graduates: 350

Number of students’ community volunteering in health-related activities: 500+

Free Health Care Center for staff, students and public

Number of graduates: 196 Teachers

Number of community outreach programs: 550+

Number of events (including conferences and forums) that are open to public: 103

Number of females starting a degree: 2043

Number of female versus male students staring a degree: 55% females

Number of female versus male in science college: 80% females

Number of female in senior positions: 44

Number of female versus male in senior positions: 51% females

Free: Solar testing services provided to industry and public:

Free: workshops in renewable energy and water consumption

400 free water coolers to students, staff and public

Electricity consumption 2018 versus 2019: 176,928 versus 173,749

Free consultation services to industry including SMEs and Startups

New College of Engineering building to use renewable energy and higher energy efficiency

Number of staff: 1584

Number of student interns: 3787

University budget (expenditure): BD 44,859,900

Total research income: BD 127,000

Total workshops and events for startups: 25

Total academic staff: 935

Number of academic staff in STEM: 306

Number of students with disabilities: 265

Free specialized transport for students with disabilities

Number of international students from developing countries: 1,702

Free art and cultural exhibitions to the public

Free shuttle buses between campus buildings and between campuses

Free housing for international faculty members

Annual Conference on Sustainable Cities

Amount of waste generated: 1460

Amount of waste recycled: 365

Amount of waste sent to landfill: 1095

Total energy used: 156,637

Total energy used from low-carbon sources: 1825

UOB contributes to Third National Communication Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Hawar Island and Preservation initiative

Number of national and international collaboration: 6

Free services from Renewable Energy labs at UOB

Collaborative Research supporting biodiversity

Number of educational programs to support wild flora and fauna: 2

Number of elective students: 20 members representing 9 Colleges

Number of elected students associations: 6

Number of elected students club: 7

Number of graduates in law: 349

Number of forums and related events with law and policy makers: 20

Number of partnerships created by the university: 58 partnerships

Partnership with UNDP and UNEP specifically addressing SDGs issues

Among the first universities in MENA region to offer PhD in Environment and Sustainable development

UOB Progress against SDGs Dashboard