Knowledge on osteoporosis prevention among Bahraini women: A cross sectional study

Authors: Gayathripriya N., Sanad H.M., Awadhalla M.H.
Objectives: To estimate the level of knowledge on osteoporosis among Bahraini women. 2. To determine relationship between the background variables with the level of knowledge. Methods: A cross sectional survey study consisting of 400 Bahraini women were included in the study using convenience sampling technique in a community settings. The [...]

Bahraini women engineers: Factors influencing their career success ladder

Authors: Al-Alawi A.I., Husamaddin S., Mejeran F.K., Madan F.K.
The purpose of this chapter is to investigate the current situation of women engineers in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the public and private sectors, discussing some factors that affect women’s access to leading positions, and looking for ways to increase the status of Bahraini women leading in this sector, [...]

Factors affecting women leadership to reach top management and its impact on the economy: The case of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Authors: Al-Alawi A.I., El Naggar N.F.
In today’s dynamic organizations, as women climb up the corporate ladder, they don’t seem to sustain and even might become extinct on the way upwards. In developing countries, especially in the Arab world, females have been regarded as the inferior of the species in a strictly male-dominated culture where they [...]


Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Measures against discrimination. Purpose To eradicate any form of discrimination or inequality within the University. Glossary of Terms/Definitions Harassment refers to acts or expressions which are intimidating, hostile or offensive in nature. Bullying: refers to an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in contact with others through repeated verbal, physical [...]

Pay-Scale Equity Policy

This policy sets to reduce, if not eliminate, the pay gap between male and female for the same position. Purpose The University of Bahrain is subject to the laws, executives and policies of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB). All staff, academics and non-academics, earn their income, wages, overtime and all [...]

Maternal and Paternal Policy

This policy lays out the maternal conditions and rights which aid women in education and/or employment. Scope Maternal and Paternal policy applies to all females, whether they are prospective students, alumni, academics, administrators, students, visitors, researchers, etc. Definitions Maternal: refers to mother-related rules and guidelines. Paternal: refers to father-related rules [...]

SDG 5 Events

Seminar on Protection from Family Violence

Spread awareness about women rights law regarding family violence The Supreme Council for Women, in cooperation with the University of Bahrain, organized a seminar on protection from family violence, which dealt with the Law on Protection from Family Violence of 2015, and the most important provisions of the Child Law [...]

Women Medical Awareness Campaign: ‘Don’t hesitate to check up now; it means safety’

Spread medical awareness among Bahraini women located in villages in particular on having early examinations The College of Health Sciences at the University of Bahrain recently participated in a meeting entitled “Check and Let Us know” which was organized in coordination with Sadad’s Cultural and Sports Youth Center. A lecture [...]

Forum on “The effects of future sciences on women’s participation in sustainable development”

Present the role of women in sustainable development Participants in the forum organized by the College of Science entitled “Effects of the future sciences on the participation of women in sustainable development” emphasized the role of women in space science and future sciences, and presented a set of achievements made [...]