801, 2020

University of Bahrain Environment and Sustainable Development PhD Program

The University of Bahrain’s PhD program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) focuses on environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The program equips students with the knowledge and perspectives needed to answer important questions about diverse environmental problems. Nearly all colleges at the University of [...]
801, 2020

University of Bahrain Environment and Sustainable Development M.Sc. Programs

The University of Bahrain and the Prince’s Foundation (UK) jointly offer a Master’s program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD). The Prince’s Foundation is one of the international establishments specialized in design, planning and urban development that contributes to postgraduate studies in sustainable urbanism in partnership with universities in the [...]
801, 2020

The University Role in Preparing Postgraduate Students in Addressing the United Nation SGDs

The PhD students in the Environmental Sustainability Development Program of the University of Bahrain are working on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets. In the course ESD 793, the students were trained to address the contemporary issues related to environmental sustainability. This course enabled them to observe, assess [...]


Contribution of International Trade in Human Development of Pakistan

Authors: Jawaid S.T., Waheed A.
Very few studies have attempted to examine the relationship between international trade and human development. Some panel and cross-section studies have been done, but mostly Pakistan has not been included. This study examines for the first time ever the effect of aggregate and disaggregate trade on human development in Pakistan [...]

What Drives Remittances from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan? Home Versus Host Country’s Economic Conditions

Authors: Umair M., Waheed A.
Saudi Arabia is the largest source country of remittances to Pakistan since the 1970s. This study examined the impact of home versus host country’s economic conditions on remittances from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. The ARDL bounds testing is used on the annual data set from 1973 to 2014. The study [...]

Fitting school buildings to the requirements of physically disabled students in Algeria: An ergonomic study

Authors: Bouabdellah L., Kharbache H., Mokdad M., Mebarki B.
Achieving development in any country is a joint responsibility and needs intensive efforts from all citizens; the able-bodied and the disabled. But how can people with disabilities contribute to this development if their work and environment are not fitted to them? In Algeria, according to the Algerian National Office of [...]


Disabilities Accommodation Policy

This policy focuses on having a reasonable accommodation policy/strategy implemented, including adequately funded mechanism for persons with disabilities. Purpose The University of Bahrain aims to have reasonable, safe, and comfortable accommodation policy/strategy implemented, including adequately funded mechanism for persons with disabilities. Glossary of Terms/Definitions On-campus Accommodation: refers to having a [...]

Non-discriminatory Admissions Policy

The university measures against discrimination on students admission to the university, for all programs. Purpose To eradicate any form of discrimination or inequality within admissions procedures. Glossary of Terms/Definitions Discrimination: refers to the mistreatment of an individual or group based on pre-conceived beliefs resulting in the unfair consequences on such [...]

Third-Party Workers’ Rights Policy

Guaranteeing equivalent rights of workers if/when outsourcing activities to third parties Purpose The University defends all rights of workers outsourcing activities by third parties. Glossary of Terms/Definitions Worker: refers to a personal contractually assigned to complete a work-related task(s). Equal rights: refers to giving workers the same rights and opportunities [...]