The University’s Contribution to the National SDGs Government Policies

Purpose The University of Bahrain contributes to the processes of policy drafting, implementing, and revision for external entities, both in private and public sectors, locally and globally, as well as the community at large. Definitions SDG: refers to Sustainably Development Goals. External entities: refers to individual and/or organizations which are [...]

Research Contract Policy

This policy establishes the research environment for the academic staff and postgraduate research students. It provides an overarching framework for the development and implementation of contract research at the University of Bahrain. Scope The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which the Deanship of [...]

Academic Freedom Policy

This policy sets out the conditions that permit faculty members to engage in their scholarly pursuits of teaching, research, and related activities free from interference or obstruction. Purpose To provide a clear statement of the position of the University with regard to Academic Freedom Definitions Academic freedom: refers to the [...]

Stakeholder Engagement Policy

The policy sets out the principles guiding the University’s engagement approaches and the different levels of engagement required for different purposes. Purpose The Stakeholders Engagement Policy provides guidelines for stakeholders’ engagement and communication. It aims at ensuring that stakeholder engagement activities are transparent, systematic and effective. Definitions Effort: project or [...]

Water Management Policy

Purpose The water at the University of Bahrain is supplied through the national water network, which is managed by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA). The water in Bahrain is provided through an energy-extensive process, either using thermal or membrane-based seawater desalination technologies. The water is used mainly for sanitary [...]

Plastic Minimisation Policy

The policy aims to provide the university with a guideline to ensure best practices for complying with the resolution No. 2018-731-7 for reducing the use of the non-biodegradable plastic products on campus and to be committed to environmental sustainability and provide a model for the community. Purpose Plastic products are [...]

Biodiversity Conservation Policy

Protect biodiversity within the University campuses. Purpose This policy aims to operate sustainably to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. Part of this commitment includes protecting and enhancing the biodiversity on campus. Definitions Biodiversity includes plants, animals, birds, insects and land. Scope/Application The scope of this policy [...]

Sustainable Food Sourcing Policy

Ensure reliable and sustainable food sourcing. Purpose The policy aims to provide guidelines to ensure sustainable sourcing of food provided by cafeteria, restaurants. The food should comply with the national legislation regarding halal, sustainable fishing and farming. Scope/Application The scope of this policy includes fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry, [...]

Waste Disposal Policy

It is anticipated that the University will incorporate best practices into the daily activities to improve safety practices, minimize energy and fuel consumption, and eliminate solid and hazardous waste. Purpose It is anticipated that the University will incorporate best practices into the daily activities to improve safety practices, minimize energy [...]

Remote Working Policy

Promote or allow telecommuting or remote working for employees. Purpose To permit remote working for UOB employees that are subject to the governing rules and regulations of CSB (2019). Glossary of Terms/Definitions Remote working: The University defines remote working as a style that allows employees to work outside of a [...]