Background: Traditional foods are an important part of Bahraini culture, identity, and heritage. The aim of this study was to document plant-based traditional foods and beverages consumed by local Bahrainis. Methods: Traditional knowledge of plants used as food and beverage was obtained through 76 personal interviews of knowledgeable informants using a semi-structured questionnaire. Results: A total of 52 common foods and beverages were reportedly documented by the respondents. Some traditional foods are not tied to specific seasons, but are consumed throughout the year, such as harees, momowash, sambosa, halwa, assidah, and legaimaat while others such as madquq bisr, mattaai, khabees, gurs al-taabi and khubez zinjibari are common at family celebrations or other specific holidays. Boiling and frying are the most popular traditional cooking methods employed in Bahrain. Conclusion: The findings of this study could provide a knowledge basis for relating traditional food consumption and potential health status among Bahrainis. © 2017 Korea Food Research Institute