Educational progress in universities is of an encompassing conception. It encloses several institutes, cultural aids, sports facilities, public libraries, etc. These elements could be included within either gated or non-gated campuses. This research aims at achieving advanced and integrated managerial policy all over the universities of the kingdom. Therefore, it has been necessary, to conduct thorough studies in consideration of the potential, specialisations and resources of these universities for an advanced educational process. Speaking of the educational facilities of an individual university campus is different from studying the entire university campuses in Bahrain all together. Thereupon, applying sustainability enforces the urban expertise to anticipate for the integration between the universities right there. Under these circumstances, e-management should have been formerly existent, thanks to its accurate and comprehensive output. Abiding by such adequate resultants would naturally end up in appropriate implementation of the respective networks, realising a well-planned educational progress in Bahrain. © 2019 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved.