Advancements in technology have brought a lot of ease to modern day life. On the other hand, its abuse has some negative aspects as well. This study focuses on highlighting one such issue which is related to use of smart devices by drivers. This would be a pioneering study in this area of research for Bahrain. It would also add to the current knowledge towards understanding the reasons and behaviour of drivers towards the use of smart devices. The study was conducted in 2 phases using questionnaire surveys. It was found that mobile phones are the most hazardous distraction for drivers. Majority of the survey respondents agree that mobile phone use results in accidents or violation but in spite of this fact most of them reported using it. Mobile phones are reported to be used more commonly on intersections and traffic jams. Accident’s experience was reported to be a highly influential factor to make the drivers abstain from mobile phone use. Other solutions, as preferred by survey respondents, include; awareness campaign through social media for awareness and use of accessories (Bluetooth, earphones, etc.) to avoid handling of mobile phones. Further studies are required to understand the reasons for persisting with use of mobile phone in spite of being aware with its risks. © 2019 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved.