Nowadays Photovoltaic (PV) became the new competitive energy resource. Therefore, it needs to be connected to the grid to reduce the demand from the authority, which means the flow of the load will be reduced. The production of the electricity as a solar energy will increase in the locations where the sun intensity is concentrated. The good location for solar energy is the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. These are six Middle Eastern countries; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Oman with high intensity of the solar radiation. The GCC countries have a good location for the solar energy Photovoltaic (PV) became the new competitive energy resource of the planet and it can be engaged in both Distribution and Transmission systems. In the present study, deriving the model’s design of solar cell in five countries with the same house specifications. The Panel Generation Factor (PGF) considered satisfying the specification of the cells, which depends on the climate. This means that renewable energy provides many benefits for our climate, health and our economy. For the five countries the total (kWp) of PV panel capacity, number of PV panels needed for the design of 110 Wp PV module and Solar Charge Controller Rating are calculated based on PGF of each country. © 2019 International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems.All right reserved.