Objectives: To estimate the level of knowledge on osteoporosis among Bahraini women. 2. To determine relationship between the background variables with the level of knowledge. Methods: A cross sectional survey study consisting of 400 Bahraini women were included in the study using convenience sampling technique in a community settings. The data were collected using Osteoporosis Knowledge assessment Tool (OKT). The SPSS (version 20.0) for windows was used and descriptive and inferential statistics were performed. Results: The majority of the participants’ age was 30-39 years (44.0%). Most of the women 292 (73%) had moderately adequate knowledge on osteoporosis. There was an association found between house hold activity, practice and exercise and calcium intake at p<0.001, Frequency of fast food intake/week and exercise at p<0.001 & educational level and calcium intake at p<0.5. Conclusion: Bahraini women were having moderate level of knowledge on different aspects of osteoporosis knowledge on risk factors, exercise and calcium intake. Improving knowledge to the level of adequate knowledge among this particular ethnic background is essential which demands high financial costs on the government in terms of treatment. Health care professionals should be prepared for teaching role on prevention of osteoporosis. © 2018 Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research.