Anaerobic decomposition of organic compounds in landfills generates greenhouse gases (GHG). The objective of this study is to estimate total landfill gases (LFG) emissions from Asker Landfill in Bahrain utilizing LandGEM software. Total annual municipal solid waste disposal rate between 1997 and 2016 shows considerable increase. The methane generation rate (k) was computed as 0.012 year-1 based on the annual average precipitation data. The potential methane generation capacity (L0) was calculated as 54.26 m3/Mg from the municipal waste composition data disposed to landfill. Annual volumetric and mass LFG generation rates of methane, carbon dioxide and non-methane organic compounds were estimated. Our results showed that LFG emissions might have environmental and health impacts as currently there is no biogas collection system at Asker Landfill site. © 2019 IEEE.