Optical coherence tomography (OCT), an optical imaging approach enabling cross-sectional analysis of turbid samples, is routinely used for retinal imaging in human and animal models of diseases affecting the retina. Scattering angle resolved (SAR-)OCT has previously been demonstrated as offering additional contrast in human studies, but no SAR-OCT system has been reported in detail for imaging the retinas of mice. An optical model of a mouse eye was designed and extended for validity at wavelengths of light around 1310 nm; this model was then utilized to develop a SAR-OCT design for murine retinal imaging. A Monte Carlo technique simulates light scattering from the retina, and the simulation results are confirmed with SAR-OCT images. Various images from the SAR-OCT system are presented and utility of the system is described. SAR-OCT is demonstrated as a viable and robust imaging platform to extend utility of retinal OCT imaging by incorporating scattering data into investigative ophthalmologic analysis. © 2018 by the authors.