The Kingdom of Bahrain, as many other countries suffers from land scarcity, caused by the overpopulation. This directed them to substitute city designing, based on fundamentals of sustainability. Unfortunately, Government had only one quick solution to accommodate the swift urbanization and that was land reclamation upon the surrounding Gulf water. However, buildings off the Seashore as floated or within the sea with platform foundation are other solutions for the arising problem. Consequently, it will save the marine life and prevent the reclamation of land by constructing sustainable and affordable vertical buildings that will have large number of civic activities rather than reclaimed ones. No doubt, that constructing such buildings will consider many issues. For instance, social issues and needs in term of physiological adaption of new habitat i.e. water and sensitively in walkability and living offshore beside safety and privacy, while engineering subjects in term of technical services, structure system that face the hazards of earthquakes and fire protection. Finally, the environmental consideration in term of preserving fauna, flora, sewer (gray and black water) treatments, and recycling. This research paper covers the proposition of the Water city that briefly examines the theoretical roots of the proposal. © IEOM Society International.