Pioneered in the 1990s, business process reengineering (BPR) is focused on value addition. The theory and practice of business reengineering have evolved over the years with globalisation and technology becoming key parts of business. Despite these changes, BPR implementation in SMEs has received limited attention. Given that SMEs play an important role in the economic growth of different regions, the investigation of BPR implementation in these businesses is as important as their role in large organisations. This paper determines the key components of successful BPR in SMEs. The study found out that the basic components of BPR can remain constant when implementing them in SMEs. However, managers should ensure that they integrate SME-specific issues in their BPR decision making. The paper identifies the existing gaps in SME implementation of BPR. The developed framework identifies organisational culture, knowledge, resources, and technology as the key factors in successfully BPR management © 2019 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.