Nowadays, home-based health care systems are becoming one of the most important issues in smart city applications. The statistical data of death reasons in Bahrain reveals relatively high percentages of deaths from diabetic disease (15%) and heart complications (16%). The authors of this paper propose a framework for developing a home-based health care system for patients suffering from heart complications and blood sugar. The proposed framework focuses on continuously monitoring the patients state using various sensors such as heart beat, temperature, blood sugar and ECG sensors. Some of these sensors are commercially available and others are to be developed in the next stages of the system development. In case of emergency, the framework proposes connecting and transferring the patient readings to the hospitals and ambulance section, and send a notification to the take care person through SMS. The framework suggests taking patient input samples and keeping the readings in two databases, one in the patient’s mobile phone and the other in the servers of the ministry of health. The proposed framework also considers the faint patients and deal with their situation. The expected end product should not be expensive and can be tolerable by the patients. © 2018 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved.