University of Bahrain offers pass/fail option for students’ assessment for the second semester, with no change for those under warning.

Due to the exceptional circumstances and e-Learning, President of UoB, Professor Riyad Yousif Hamzah, said that the University Council approved students’ assessment for the second semester using assessment methods that are followed in e-Learning worldwide such as case studies, problem-solving through critical thinking, identifying, explaining and solving problems, essays, projects, reports, research papers, live presentations via e-learning platforms, participating in group discussions, quizzes, or assignments.

“Since the beginning of e-Learning, the University of Bahrain has identified practices of the best regional and international universities, with regards to assessment methods within e-Learning, in order to maintain the academic quality, the scientific content and, at the same time, meet the interests of students under these exceptional circumstances,” said the President.

The President also added that students would be given a pass/fail result by the end of the semester, so that their GPAs would not be affected, and would remain the same as they were in the previous semester, while course hours would be included in the total of credited hours of the program. The minimum requirements for a ‘pass’ result would be the same as the requirements to pass the course in normal semesters.

On the other hand, students are able to opt for examination as per the regular rules and regulations at UoB. In this case, students will receive an “incomplete” status for the course, and will take a final exam as per a schedule that will be announced by UoB, mostly during the first week of the first semester of academic year 2020-2021. The final result of the course will be calculated within the GPA as per the rules and regulations of other semesters. This means this option has 60% for course work and 40% for the final exam. The grade will be calculated as per the rules and regulations of other semesters after the final exam.

Professor Riyadh stressed that students have the right to apply for withdrawal from any course, or from the whole semester, with a (W) grade, before 14 May 2020, by filling-in a form in the Student Information System (SIS). Choosing an “incomplete” grade by the end of the semester for any course implies that the student does not wish to receive a pass/fail grade, and wishes to receive a grade after the final exams at the beginning of the first semester, which will be calculated within the GPA.

Professor Riyad Yousif Hamzah also explained that the current second semester will not be taken into account for academic warning. The academic status of students who received a warning in the first semester or were given an exception to study the second semester, will not be affected. Students can register for the following semester despite their result in this semester.

With regards to foundation year students, assessment remains the same as previous semesters. Postgraduate students, on the other hand, will be assessed as per their work during the semester, and will receive their grades accordingly by the end of the semester.