The university measures against discrimination on students admission to the university, for all programs.


To eradicate any form of discrimination or inequality within admissions procedures.

Glossary of Terms/Definitions

Discrimination: refers to the mistreatment of an individual or group based on pre-conceived beliefs resulting in the unfair consequences on such individual or group.


Applies to all students, part-time or full-time, undergraduate or postgraduate, males or females.

Policy Statement and Principles

The University is fully committed to a non-discriminatory policy in terms of admissions of qualified students from different social statuses, or based on gender, religion, sects and all types of disabilities.

The University Council appoints a Student Non-Discriminatory Admission Committee to implement the policy.

Student Non-Discriminatory Admissions Policy:

  • The University provides non-discriminatory educational opportunities that are based on indifference towards social statuses, gender, religion, sects or disabilities (UOB bylaws).
  • The University rejects all discriminatory acts against female students and staff in admissions to undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs.
  • All disabled students are provided with the educational opportunity and accessible services with no discrimination to their type of disability.