This policy establishes rules that govern all forms of smoking within the University premises.


The Kingdom of Bahrain had passed several laws and decrees over the years (from 1994, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2011, 2012 and 2013) that specifically ban, control and penalize the consumption and distribution of tobacco-based products like cigarettes as well as electronic-based smoking equipment such as e-cigarettes or vapes.


Smoking: refers to any behaviour which involves inhaling and exhaling of fumes whether it is tobacco-related or electronic-based items.



Smoke-Free University Environment Policy applies to all individuals, whether they are academics, administrators, students, contractors, visitors, residents.

Policy Statement and Principles

  1. In accordance to the laws of the Kingdom, the University stringently adheres to and enforces the smoking laws as the rules and regulations.
  2. The Smoke-Free University Environment Policy is supported by the following principles:
    • Indoor smoking is banned throughout the University’s buildings, including classrooms, corridors, halls, laboratories, etc.
    • “No Smoking” signs should be displayed in prominent positions in all prohibited places.
    • University periodically hosts health awareness and well-being events and seminars which can emphasize the harmful effects of smoking habits.
    • A clear mechanism is in place to report any violation of the smoking laws, rules and regulations.
    • Repeated violations by individuals (students or staff) of the smoking prohibition can be reported to the respective Disciplinary Committee, which is comprised of faculty members (including Law academics), and administrative staff.
    • The Disciplinary Committee reviews and passes the verdict of violators of smoking policies. The individual has the option of appealing the decision.