The University of Bahrain contributes to the processes of policy drafting, implementing, and revision for external entities, both in private and public sectors, locally and globally, as well as the community at large.


SDG: refers to Sustainably Development Goals.

External entities: refers to individual and/or organizations which are distinctive from the University of Bahrain.


The Policy for the Development and Revision SDG Policy for External Entities applies to:

  1. All university employees: whether they are academic faculty, administrative staff; whether they are full-time or part-time.
  2. All external entities: whether they are private, semi-governmental, or governmental; for-profit or charitable; local, national or international; educational or non-educational entities.

Policy Statement and Principles

  1. The University of Bahrain is willing to with external entities with the purpose of drafting and revising SDG policies.
  2. The Policy for the Development and Revision SDG Policy for External Entities is supported by the following principles:
    • The University of Bahrain is collaborating with other universities and industry to draft and revise its academic policies and programs.
    • The University of Bahrain providing seminars, workshops, and any event that can train participants in developing, improving, implementing, and revision policies to be SDG-compliant.
    • The topics include, but not confined to, economics, law, technology, environment.
  1. The University of Bahrain wants to promote the benefits of entities achieving SDGs on themselves as well as emphasizing the awareness point that SDG makes the world a better place.
  2. The University of Bahrain formally signs and continues to uphold several MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with external entities including NGOs, government agencies, and private institutions to collaborate in many aspects.
  3. The University of Bahrain students and staff have the support and grants to research issues in policymaking and revision.
  4. The University of Bahrain is socially responsible to fulfil SDGs, and working with other entities in achieving their SDGs.
  5.  Academics faculty receive support to participate in research seminars and conferences in several fields, including education, digital transformation and, law-policy drafting and revision.