This policy sets the University’s stance against the unfair treatment of women during their study and/or work experience.


The Kingdom of Bahrain started or continued policies that safeguard gender equality as it adheres to the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) in 2002. The University adheres to and follows the policies that support women in all aspects of life, including the Constitution, the National Action Charter decreed by the king in 2002 which outlines women’s rights in the Family Law Section, and the efforts of the Supreme Council of Women.


Discrimination: refers to the mistreatment of an individual or group based on preconceived beliefs resulting in the mistreatments of such individuals.


Policy against Discrimination against Women applies to all females, whether they are prospective students, alumni, academics, administrators, students, visitors, researchers etc.

Policy Statement and Principles

  1. The University of Bahrain is highly committed to eliminating any discrimination or prejudice against women based on gender.
  2. The Policy against Discrimination against Women is supported by the following principles:
    • All the University services are available and accessible to staff and students, irrespective of gender.
    • An accessible and clear mechanism should be in place to report any discrimination against women.
    • The rules and regulations that address women’s discrimination should be circulated in prominent sites throughout the University campuses, as well as digital means such as email and the official website.
    • All accusations of discrimination will be reviewed by a Disciplinary Committee comprised of faculty (including Law academics) and administrative staff.