“Staying Away from Unnecessary Crowds Protects you from Coronavirus”

A Lecture at the University of Bahrain


Professor Dr. Khaled Mubarak bin Dinah, Professor of Microorganisms and Infectious Diseases at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the Arab Gulf University, urged people to take preventive precautionary measures, namely  through adhering to personal hygiene standards, to avoid being infected with COVID-19.  These measures include: washing hands in the correct way, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoiding touching the nose, face and eyes – one of the most common causes of COVID-19 infection. He emphasized the necessity of not mixing with infected people and staying away from crowded places to prevent being infected with the emerging COVID-19 disease. He also pointed out that not wearing protective masks may increase the chances of catching the disease.

Prof. Dr. Bin Dinah delivered an educational scientific lecture at the College of Science at the University of Bahrain, held under the patronage of the Dean of the College – Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Hilu. The lecture was entitled ‘Coronavirus: Challenges and Prevention Methods’. The lecture was organised by the Chair of the Lectures Committee at the Department of Life Sciences – Lecturer Maysoon Nedham Awad.

Prof. Bin Dinah explained that the emerging COVID-19 virus is a form of Coronavirus due to the presence of a protein cover that resembles a crown encapsulating the genetic material of the virus. This structure is similar to previously known viruses. These viruses infect animals with cold and flu. It is believed to be transmitted to them through contact with secretions and droppings from bats. He Pointed out that Coronavirus is a strain of virus that has the ability to transmit from animal to human, and then from human to human through respiratory secretions. Prof. Bin Dinah mentioned the symptoms of the disease include high temperature, shortness of breath, acute inflammation of the lungs, joint and muscle pain and coughing.

Prof. Bin Dinah expected that the spread of the virus will subside with the high temperatures of summer and the end of the winter season. He highlighted the preventive measures taken by the Ministry of Health in dealing with suspected cases.  As a result of these measures, COVID-19 test results turned out to be negative cases.