To provide ways of commercialization of university research
To share best practices to commercialize research and provide new products and services that can be used to solve some problems, as well as making improvements to the quality of life for consumers and business effectiveness across a wide variety of domains.

On the 15th April 2019, the University of Bahrain held a lecture in collaboration with U.S. Embassy, Kingdom of Bahrain on Research Commercialization. The lecture was held by Prof. Robert S. Langer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Around 140 attended the lecture in which the lecturer shared some ideas on the best practices of research Commercialization. He also explained the process by which a new product or service is introduced into the general market. Prof. Langer gave some examples and commented on the phases of commercialization starting from the initial introduction of the product through its mass production and adoption. At the end of his lecture, he highlighted the importance of developing a marketing plan, determine how the product would be supplied to the market and anticipate challenges. He concluded with the societal benefits of research commercialization, economic growth, industry partnership and entrepreneurship.