Since the launch of the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) in 2004, the University of Bahrain has been a regular participant in this annual event as a means to contribute to achieving the university’s mission of interacting with the local community and sharing scientific knowledge and awareness in agriculture. So far, UoB participated 11 times in the BIGS since its inception and the university takes great pride in having received several awards throughout the years. In 2018 and 2019, UoB pavilion won the best stand for an educational institution and this continuous success is built on the university’s keenness to present unique designs and content related to the field of agriculture that has impressed and enlightened exhibition attendees.

In line with BIGS 2018 theme, “Food Safety and Human Health”, the University of Bahrain demonstrated an attractive exhibition package that contains a range of scientific work on agro-food safety and human health. While In line with BIGS 2019 theme, “Agriculture is a promising future profession”   the University of Bahrain exhibited a unique pavilion that contains a range of scientific work that has input in the knowledge/skills/technology to local farmers and food producers. Students, researchers and design team from UOB were interacting with the public to highlight the role of the University in education, innovation and outreach.