In activation of the memorandum of joint cooperation between the University of Bahrain and the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission hosted Dr. Salah Muhammad Ahmed, Acting Dean of the

College of Law, on its electronic platform Zoom on Monday 14/9/2020. Dr. Salah delivered a legal lecture entitled “Corona Pandemic (Covied-19) and its Effects on Work Contracts in the Private Sector Between Theory and Practice”. During the lecture, Dr. Salah reviewed the legal dimensions of the Corona pandemic, its legal adaptation and the availability of force majeure conditions or emergency conditions in the Corona pandemic. He also explained the judicial applications in some countries regarding adapting to this pandemic. Dr. Salah clarified the social, economic and legal implications of the pandemic and its effects on contracts in general and on work contracts in particular. He added that these effects range from terminating the contract, amending its conditions or even breaking it by the force of law. He described the impact of this on workers’ rights, wages and legal protection for them in respect of Bahraini labour law. The lecture also dealt with legal concepts developed as a result of the existence of the pandemic and what may arise from legislative amendments or judicial directions during the post-pandemic phase.

Dr. Salah’s participation in this lecture comes within the framework of the university’s role in community service, cooperation between institutions and public bodies, and in light of the common interest between the University of Bahrain and the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission in spreading legal awareness and supporting and strengthening human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain.