The GCC human rights declaration: An instrumentation of cultural relativism

Authors: Alfadhel K.A.
For the first time the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) adopted a regional human rights declaration that codifies the relevant States’ commitment to human rights. The Declaration illustrated the content and scope of such a collective regional pledge to protect and respect fundamental rights and freedoms. Although a soft-law instrument, the [...]

Corporate governance and the level of Bahraini corporate compliance with IFRS disclosure

Authors: Juhmani O.
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the relation between corporate governance (CG) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) disclosure one year before the issuance of the first Corporate Governance Code (CGC) in Bahrain. Design/methodology/approach: The CG is measured by board composition, audit committee characteristics, and ownership structure [...]

Money, conventional monetary system and possibility of monetary reform

Authors: Abdelbaki H.H.
This paper examines the various causes of the financial and economic crises experienced by the world’s countries and shows that the dilemma is not in the money used, whatever its name is or value, but that the dilemma and the resulting problems and financial and economic crises lies in the [...]

Users’ satisfaction with the electronic health record (EHR) in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Authors: Abdulla A.E., Ahmed S.Y., Alnoaimi M.A., Ali H.
Today, many hospitals seek to adopt the latest and most sophisticated technologies in order to raise the service quality and users’ satisfaction. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) had a substantial impact on the health sector and has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare providers. The purpose of this research [...]

In Search of the Sharī’ah

Authors: Farooq M.O., El-Ghattis N.
The centrality of Sharīah as a term and concept, together with its ubiquitous usage, reflects present Muslim understanding of their religion. Existing research indicates this Sharīah-based conception represents a later historical development. However, earlier studies have not documented contemporary understanding and use of the term in the primary sources of [...]

Journalism education in the GCC region: University students’ and professionalism perspectives

Authors: Ziani A.-K., Elareshi M., Alrashid M., Al-Jaber K.
This study investigates the perceptions of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) students and professional journalists regarding the quality of curriculum and training sessions that they received at the University and afterwards by looking at curriculum, training sessions and practical programmes related to journalism education, as well as the quality of academic [...]

Implementation of machine learning algorithm on factors effecting divorce rate

Authors: Sohail S., Aziz S., Tahir F., Haqqui S., Hussain A.
With the expanding number of marriages the quantity of detachment and separation are additionally expanding. The major factors that prompt separation can be numerous and there are numerous calculations in machine figuring out how to characterize the variables. The quantity of separation can be avoided and diminished on the off [...]

An economic analysis of the evolution of the tourism sector in Bahrain

Authors: Khayati A.
This chapter examines the evolution and the effects of tourism on the main economic indicators in Bahrain. Results show that, overall, the tourism sector is growing even though with some periods of disruption. However, the sector seems to be operating beneath its potential as can be seen from its concentration [...]

The effects of cyber-security on healthcare industry

Authors: Alharam A.K., El-Madany W.
Cyber-attacks today are targeting healthcare industries as the most preferred attacked industry. This paper introduced a comparative study of the different applications of cyber-security, and the changes in levels of risk for different industries. The study will focus on the use of cyber-security for healthcare industry, and the different techniques [...]

Arab opinion leaders’ attitudes and perceptions towards the coverage of da’esh news by arab and non-arab TV news services

Authors: Al-Qudah M., Ziani A., Alrajehi M.
This study aims to Arab opinion leaders’ attitudes and perceptions towards the coverage of Da’esh actions by Arab and non-Arab TV news services, thus, by investigating the perception of Da’esh actions provided by Arab and non-Arab TV services. Data were collected from 1,330 participants across 19 Arab countries, with a [...]
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