The University of Bahrain and the Prince’s Foundation (UK) jointly offer a Master’s program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD). The Prince’s Foundation is one of the international establishments specialized in design, planning and urban development that contributes to postgraduate studies in sustainable urbanism in partnership with universities in the UK and abroad. The ESD program is designed to boost students’ professional practice skills, to enhance their career prospects in environmental science, sustainable development and sustainable urbanism. Moreover, the Master’s program attracts a lively and engaged group of students who combine postgraduate study with their professional lives.

The curriculum of the ESD Master’s program is designed to give students diverse educational skills. It involves various learning methods including lectures, field visits, self-study, multidisciplinary projects, and case studies. Students’ research projects for the ESD thesis can focus on almost all areas of environmental protection and sustainable development such as energy, water, waste, transportation, pollution, radiation protection and measurements.

Instructors across the University of Bahrain and the Prince’s Foundation deliver the courses, in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations. As specialized environmentalists, ESD program graduates will be able to guide their communities in order to promote sustainable development.

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