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Following the success of the 1st  Smart Cities Symposium and the 2nd Smart Cities Symposium, that was organized by IET  (IET-EMEA, Middle East and Africa Regional), at University of Bahrain, during April 2018, and March 2019  … now the (3rd  Smart Cities Symposium) is being organized for April 2020. 

The main purpose of the event is to create awareness about the future prospects of Smart Cities.  The event will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and throughout in international prospects.  The event objectives are also in emphasizing the role of universities in the region in promoting Smart Cities via consultancy, building smarter ideas, or continuity in the form of publications and creating innovative solutions.  In addition, the organization of the 2nd Smart Cities Symposium, will also focus on networking opportunities, and is a good starting point and could help in making networking opportunities for smart cities.  The event venue will be at Zain- E-Learning Centre University of Bahrain and will run for three days, (12- 14 April 2020).  The symposium will also involve both invited speakers (talking about needs for smart cities), in addition to academic submitted papers (with review process), as they will be published afterward within the IET (once satisfying the needed technical standards).

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